Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:  Will Sint Maarten Be A New DX Entity on 10/10 ?

Sint Maarten has been granted independence from the Netherlands and they have adopted their own constitution in the last couple of weeks. Their new legislative body will be elected on Sept. 15. The Sint Maarten government is dedicated to their new country status by all observations. So the only question remains....will it be a DXCC new country on 10/10? We don't know anyone that can answer that with complete authority as of yet. Our guess is that it will count....but we're not sure if it will be preannounced or announced retroactively.
Our motto is: WFWL...Work First Worry Later...hi.

DXCC has some requirements that creates hesitancy in affirming its DXCC status. Will it be listed on the State Department's list on 10/10? Maybe not, but it probably will soon. There is no controversy regarding its independence, so maybe DXCC won't mind going out on a limb stating its status prior to 10/10. We have sought ARRL DXCC advice regarding this with no response yet.

BES islands have not sought independence. So we can't comment further on what may happen there. Curacao has not resolved its own constitution as of yet. No ITU prefix change is known as of this time. Licenses are still handled the same way. The DX publications have made comments on this subject and you may want to research their findings.

Q2:  As you know, there are thousands of General Class amateurs in the U.S. who cannot operate below 14.225 MHz on 20M SSB. We would like to contact you on 20M. Will you include us in your frequency plan above this frequency?

Yes, we will be listening for General Class on both cw and ssb. Listen for split frequency from operator.

Q3:  Will you get on before 10/10/10 and help me get a RTTY qso before PJ7 is deleted??

Yes, we hope to have our stations set up well in advance of midnight on 10/10.  We will post where we are operating on Twitter and be spotted.  We will operate using our own calls under CEPT, such as PJ7/call.  QSL to the QRZ address for the call.

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