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Everyone from the PJ7E team has returned home safely and are proud of the operation we put forth.  As co-leaders, Craig and I want to thank our operators for their hard work and commitment.  We could not have done it without the support of our many equipment and financial sponsors, plus personal donations.

The PJ Island Band Plan was executed perfectly by all the teams to maximize the highest QSO rate for everyone.  We had good propagation on the high bands which definitely helped us make over 74,000 Q’s.  This certainly exceeded our expectatations.

Last but not least, we want to thank the DX community for your fine and great participation in this unusual event.  This was unprecedented in DXing where so many new countries were on at the same time, and our hats go off to all of you who worked us.

And a very special "Thank You" to Sidney DeWeaver, the island Communications Officer, for going beyond the call of duty.

It was indeed a pleasure to be co-leader of a great group of international operators.

Thanks again for your support!

Joe W8GEX & Craig K9CT


We have all returned safely to our homes, but the work of the DXpedition continues.  The equipment is ready to be shipped to Miami and then returned to our sponsors after clearing customs...a four week process.  The team is most appreciative of the support that we have received.

The oQSL setup has been completed and we are receiving good response to this.  QSL card design is moving along but not yet complete.  This should be done in the next few days.

Articles are being prepared for the magazines and dx publications.  Photos are being collected for use in these and the powerpoint presentations.

We'll continue to update the website with news of our progress, so keep checking back with us.

Thanks again for your support!

Joe W8GEX & Craig K9CT


As of Friday evening, 15-October, PJ7E surpassed the 40,000 QSO mark. We are fortunate to have all the following factors working for us:

Antennas: The Hex-Beams and SteppIR antennas are working very well, as are the DX Engineering 40M and 30M verticals. We also are using a 2010 vertical dipole from Trans World Antennas, mostly for 10M and 12M. Great signal reports from all over the world.

Radios & Amplifiers: The ICOM IC-7600 transceivers and Alpha 8410 amplifiers are working flawlessly. A great combination.

Team: We are fortunate to have a superior operating team. They are energetic, very hard working, and in good health.

PJ2 Operating Plan: The shared plan for other PJ operations is working very well.

Location: Both the SSB and CW sites (11 miles apart) are ideally situated to maximize operation to most parts of the world on all bands.

Weather: Other than the intial problem from tropical storm Otto, the weather has been absolutely outstanding. No issues at all.

Our CW Team leader, Craig (K9CT) expects to have a 160M CW signal on the air this evening.

Overall thus far, we're meeting our goals and hope to boost our overall QSO total significantly over the remaining 5 days.

We would like to thank Sidney DeWeever, Communications Officer, from the licensing authority of St. Maarten for his cooperation. He has been a tremendous asset in helping to make our operation a success.

We also want to thank all those operators we've contacted for their patience and professionalism during the pileups, and your understanding of the unusal constraints we face, with all of the other PJ activity here.

Hope to CU in the log soon!

Joe W8GEX & Craig K9CT

12-October:  From the DailyDX:

The United States Department of State has added Curacao and Sint Maarten to the "Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty" list. This now clears the way for PJ2 and PJ7 to be added to the ARRL DXCC List. Hopefully the ARRL DXCC Desk will now have everything they need in order to make the official announcement as to the new DXCC Entities from the Caribbean. Most likely it will be four new ones, as you editor has been predicting since this past summer.

12-October:  All of our cargo was delivered late yesterday afternoon. We worked late last night setting up stations and everyone was up at daylight erecting antennas. Both sites now up and running after a hot and tiring day.

So far the PJ7 band plan is working very well. We appreciate everyone's cooperation in this unique scheduling. A big thank you to PJ7MF Mario for lending us some equipment to get by. And a special thanks to Sidney DeWeever who is the communications authority on the island and personally delivered our equipment in his truck. Can't beat that service from a licensing authority!

Now the fun begins.

Joe W8GEX & Craig K9CT

11-October - Update:  Our ship is at the dock and being offloaded. They now tell us we might have our equipment delivered by late this afternoon. If so, we plan to build our stations tonight and the antenna farms tomorrow. That being said, this will give us big signals, by hopefully tomorrow afternoon. So far, the PJ islands band plan has worked well. We are getting good signal reports from our low dipole antenna at the SSB site.
11-October:  The ship containing our equipment has arrived and is being unloaded today. We're hoping to meet with the cargo people soon at their warehouse to help sort everything. Then it will need to be trucked soon to both ends of the island. When we have the cargo on both sites, we will shut down to set up. This might be sometime this afternoon. You know were are on island time -- so things run very slow.

The SSB guys are very appreciative that Marco PJ7MF has loaned us his on IC-706. We have a 20m and 40m dipole held up with a broom handle. The radio and antennas are working outstanding. Our PJ7E group had over 5000 Q's in the first 24 hours. Logs are being uploaded twice daily @ 8 am and 8 pm. Many pics have been uploaded to FaceBook on Craig Thompson's (K9CT) and Charles Wooten's (NF4A) pages and we will have some on the website soon. Today is beautiful......sunny with clear skies.

07-October:  Five operators arrived on St. Maarten on Wed. and five more on Thurs.  Tropical storm Otto has pounded the island hard with high winds, rain, and massive flooding. Water coming down steep hills eats the roads away causing rock slides and debris in the roadway.

Our radio equipment has not arrived yet.  The cargo manager said he can only take 3-5 ft.waves for the ship to dock safely and when we were there this morning, the waves were about 15 ft.  It could be a few days before the vessel can dock.  At this point, we have no idea when we have the full setup on the air but will keep dxers updated on Facebook and Twitter.  Parts of the island are without power and most stores and restaurants are closed.

K4SV does have a CW station set up.  The SSB site has nothing on the air yet but we are working to get that done in the next day or so. We are thankful that the crew arrived safely.

01-October:  All equipment now shipped to Sint Maarten.
29-September:  PJ7E License Received In Writing


PJ7E Twitter Account Established. Follow us.

23-September: Announcement from ARRL:
ARRL Awards Committee Makes Statement on Dissolution of Netherlands Antilles

"To clarify the administrative process by which the anticipated changes to the two existing Netherlands Antilles DXCC entities will be made, the ARRL Awards Committee has determined that at 0400 UTC (12:00 AM local time in the islands) on October 10, 2010, the two Netherland Antilles DXCC entities will be deleted.

Commencing at 0400 UTC (12:00 AM local time) on October 10, 2010, operation from the islands of Curacao, Bonaire, Sint Maarten, Saba and St Eustatius will count for a yet-to-be-determined number of new entities under the DXCC List Criteria and Political Entities, Rule 1 and/or Rule 2 Geographic Separation Entities.

When the Awards Committee determines what Rule 1 or Rule 2 actions apply, it will announce the final disposition of the entities on the DXCC list. The DXCC desk will not accept confirmations for these new entities until after January 1, 2011."

Our interpretation:  QSOs made from DXpeditions to these islands during October will be valid -- for future DXCC credit. In other words, QSOs made for these countries after 10-10-10 will count -- but ARRL won't be prepared to accept DXCC application credits for any of the new DXCC entities until after January 1, 2011.  By January 1, 2011, we should know whether Saba and St. Eustatius will be separated into separate entities or not.  Then we'll either have 4 new DXCC entities (Bonaire, Curacao, Saba/St. Eustatius, Sint Maarten).  Or 5 new DXCC entities (Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, St. Eustatius, and Sint Maarten).  Either way, PJ7E QSOs will count toward DXCC credit for the new Sint Maarten.


New Facebook page added. You can now follow us on Facebook:

The PJ7E team going to Sint Maarten on 10-10-10 for the new county activation reports plans are coming together very nicely. The team is in the process of gathering and testing equipment and antennas before shipping to the staging area where they will be put in a container for sea shipment to the island.

We are happy to report that not only is RF Concepts/Alpha a proud sponsor for our Sint Maarten Dxpedition beginning 10-10-10, they have a great promotion in conjunction with our trip.

In addition to providing six new Alpha 8410 amps, and one Alpha 8406 six meter amplifier, RF Concepts will make a cash donation to the DXpediton for anyone who purchases a new 9500, 8410, or 8406 between now and the end of September and specifies the Sint Maarten trip.

The company will donate $150 for the purchase of an Alpha 9500 and $100 for the purchase of an Alpha 8410 or Alpha 8406. This offer is for any new orders (not trade-ins) ordered and shipped between now and the end of September.

For further information, contact Molly Hardman, W0MOM, VP Sales

303 473-9232 Phone

303-473-9660 : fax

The team has received emails asking about when it will count as a new one. We do not know yet, but do know that the ARRL DXCC committee is working on this matter and hopefully will have a news release soon.

The team is working diligently to get everything ready, and is anxious to get on the air to hand out a new one.

Joe, W8GEX and I are in Sint Maarten right now. We are working on the station locations, logistics, licensing, travel arrangements, etc. The tentative cw and ssb stations will be separated by the island with clear shots to NA and EU.  More to be worked out yet.  We should not be on top of any other stations.  We have found a company to handle the shipment of equipment from Miami to SXM and then back to Miami. One rental vehicle will be used at each site.  Joe will be sending out a press release to the DX press about our plans. This is to keep you in the loop.  73, Craig K9CT

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