Setting Up The SSB Site For PJ7E

Assembling Hex-Beam #1

Hex-Beam #1 -- In The Carport

Charlie, NF4A, Putting On the 220v Plugs. He's a pretty talented guy!

Franz, Janet, and Joe builing Hex-Beam #2

Hex-Beam #2 -- On The Back Porch, Pointing Toward North America

Hex-Beam #2 also showing the 80M Inverted-V Attached

N2WB and K6MM completing the installation of the 40M Vertical.
Worked FB with just 4 radials!

DX Engineering 40M Vertical

Put up a small 2m yagi to hit the local repeater and communicate with the CW site.

2M Yagi and Hex-Beam #2 -- Looking Toward North America

Installing the DX Engineering 30M Vertical with 4 radials.

Final installation of the 30M Vertical.
Great performing antenna on both CW and RTTY.

K6MM and DJ9ZB guying the 80M Dipole.

Setting up the Trans World 2010 Vertical Dipole.
Another workhorse antenna on both HF & the WARC bands.
Allowed us to keep 3 radios going all day.

The Trans World 2010 Vertical Dipole.

High Quality Bandpass Filters For Every Band.
Always bring extras -- just in case. They all worked great.

Janet pulling in the Coax. We're getting ready to go ON THE AIR !!

ICOM-7600 transceiver + Alpha 8410 amplifier +
Acer laptop + N1MM software. Great combination.

The SSB site showing both Hex-Beams, the 2M yagi, & 40M Vertical.