Waiting For Our Ship To Arrive
Because of Tropical Storm Otto, the boat had not arrived with our equipment yet.
No problem. At the SSB site, let's just string up a 20M/40M dipole.

Charlie (NF4A) setting up the dipole.

Like that broomstick and chair support system?

Hey -- It's 10-10-10 at 1200 midnight!! Time to get on the air.
We borrowed this little IC-706 from Marco (PJ7MF) -- Thanks Marco !!

No amp. Just 100 watts. Let's do it!

Umm. No computer interface + handheld Microphone.
How would you like to log for me?
Charlie (NF4A) operates and Franz (DJ9ZB) logs.

W8GEX, N2WB, NF4A, and K6MM in deep conversion
about the size of the mosquitoes.

Wild Bill operates while Mickey Mouse logs.

Franz operates while Janet (W8CAA) logs.

Nice to see some PJ7E QSOs in the Log !!

Franz operates while Joe (W8GEX) logs.

Bill (N2WB) and Joe team up.

John (K6MM) and Bill (N2WB) team up.

K6MM and NF4A putting them in the log.

Meanwhile over at the CW site, Dave (K4SV) racked up some big-time CW QSOs
using his IC-7000 + Screwdriver Antenna at 100 watts.