PJ7E DXpedition Photos

October 7-20, 2010

Arrival On October 7-8
Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm Otto Hits Hard
Flooding + Traffic Jams Everywhere
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October 10-11
Waiting For The Boat

Operating While Waiting For The Boat To Arrive
We're On The Air With 100 watts:
IC-7000 + Screwdriver Antenna (CW)
IC-706 + 20M/40M Dipole (SSB)
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October 12
Equipment Arrives
Our Equipment Finally Arrives
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October 12-13
Setup Antennas & Equipment
Setting Up The CW Site
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Setting Up the SSB Site
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October 12-20
All Stations On The Air
With Great Equipment

Go, Go, Go

CW Operators On The Air

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SSB Operators On The Air

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October 12-20
CW Site Scenes

Scenes From Around The CW Site
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October 12-20
SSB Site Scenes
Scenes From Around The SSB Site
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October 12-20
A Few Team Gatherings

The PJ7E Team
Lunch, Dinner
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October 12-20
Visitors -- We've Got Visitors
Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Neighbors, Newspaper Reporter,
Bureau of Telecommunications
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October 12-20
Shirts & Sponsors
Shirts -- We've Got Shirts
Thanks To Our Sponsors: NCDXF, ICOM, Nippon DX
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October 12-20
Island Views
Scenes From Around The Island
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October 20
Packing Up
Last Day of Operation
Time To Pack Up
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October 21
Airport Departure
Farewell Lunch At Princess Julianna Airport
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September 9-20, 2010
Equipment Tested & Ready For Shipping
(courtesy Bill, N2WB)

July 17, 2010
Initial Planning Visit

Craig (K9CT), Joe (W8GEX),
Willford Deeweever (resident)
Planning Visit

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